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Spot Script (finding a blown door) Article rated 5.0/5.0
Finding a blown door Paste that into your text box and then push enter. Look in your log to get all the ID's for every door. Then look and see what ID is missing thats the door thats gone, then mak...
Script Basics Article rated 4.5/5.0
Room Scripts For Dummies Room Scripts For Your Pserver So you want to make a palace? Ok, you started up your Pserver. Congratul...
Whisper Monitor (Ravenwood's) Article not rated yet
; Ravenwood's Whisper Monitor v20140323 ; 2014 Ravenwood Heartsong ; ON OUTCHAT { { { "PrivateMSG from: " WHOCHAT WHONAME + " to: " + WHOTARGET ; Say...
Slide Room Link Script Article not rated yet
Main Door ( pics go in here) ON ENTER { 0 2 SETSPOTSTATELOCAL } ON SELECT { { "Click The Left or the Right Arrow First" LOCALMSG } 2 GETSPOTSTATE 0 == IF { {7109 GOTOROOM } 25 ALARMEXEC ...
2 door animation on select Article rated 5.0/5.0
In the door to select.... can also use a pic in this door ;Put the following script in a "Show" spot ON SELECT { linkspot GLOBAL cmd GLOBAL "next" cmd = 0 linkspot SETALAR...

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