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Server Commands

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Following is the list of PServer-sided commands:


User (Available to unprivileged users)

Command Usage Level Description
help `help [<what>] Regular Provide information about server commands.
hide `hides [on/off] Regular Control hiding yourself from other users.
hidefrom `hidefrom <user> Regular Hide from another user.
mute `mute <user> Regular Mute another user.
page `page <msg> Regular Summon help from an operator with message <msg>.
password `password <password> Regular Set your navigation password to <password>.
rejectesp `rejectesp [on/off] Regular Control rejection of ESP messages.
rejectprivate `rejectprivate [on/off] Regular Control rejection of private messages (whispers and ESP).
respond `respond <msg> Regular Reply to the last sender of an ESP message with message <msg>.
sitepage `sitepage Regular Display the URL of this server's site page.
tock `tock Regular Announce the server's local time.
unhide `unhide Regular Cease hiding from other users.
unhidefrom `unhidefrom <user> Regular Cease hiding from another user previously hidden from.
unmute `unmute <user> Regular Cease muting another user previously muted via the `mute command.

Managing (For operators to manage the online population)

Command Usage Level Description
banip `banip [<dur>] <ip> Operator Ban all logins from an IP address.
banlist `banlist [-a][-t][<ip> or <name>] Operator Display a list of the currently banned users.
comment `comment <who> <comment> Operator Add a comment to a ban record.
er (emergency room) `er Operator Go to the room of last (non-operator) page sender.
extend `extend <who> <duration> Operator Modify the duration of an existing ban.
gag `gag <user> Operator Gag currently connected user <user> to prevent them from speaking.
glist `glist [-kopw] [<user>] Operator List information about all users currently on the server.
hlist `hlist [<group>] Operator List online blessed users. (NOTE: This command is part of a certain plugin, it may or may not appear in the help list.)
kill `kill <user> Operator Disconnect a currently connected user.
killfor `killfor <duration> <user> Operator Disconnect a currently connected user for a specified duration.
list `list [-kopw] [<user>] Operator List information about all users in the current room.
pin `pin <user> Operator Pin <user> so that he or she cannot move in a certain room.
propgag `propgag <user> Operator Propgag a currently connected user.
repage `repage <msg> Operator Respond to the last (non-operator) page sender with message <msg>.
track `track <user> Operator Track logons from a currently connected user.
trackfor `trackfor <duration> <name> Operator Track logons from a currently connected user for a specified duration.
trackip `trackip [<duration>] <ip> Operator Track all logins from an IP address for a specified duration.
unban `unban <user> Operator Unban a previously banned user (see the `ban command).
ungag `ungag <user> Operator Ungag a previously gagged user, allowing them to speak again.
unpin `unpin <user> Operator Release a previously pinned user, allowing them to move freely (see the `pin command).
unpropgag `unpropgag <user> Operator Unpropgag a previously propgagged user (see the `propgag command).
untrack `untrack <user> Operator Cease tracking a previously tracked user (see the `track command).

Configuration (Controlling how the server presents itself to the world)

Command Usage Level Description
autoannounce `autoannounce [<msg>] Operator Control the greeting message sent to users when they logon.
defaultpaneurl `defaultpaneurl [-d] [<pane> [<url>]] Operator Set the default pane URL for pane <pane> to <url> (DEPRECATED).
displayurl `displayurl [<pane>] <url> [<user>] Operator Display a URL to a user or the room (DEPRECATED).

Permissions (Controlling what users can do inside a certain Palace server)

Command Usage Level Description
nolooseprops `nolooseprops [on/off] Regular Control if loose props can be dropped in the current room.
propfreeze `propfreeze [on/off] Regular Freeze or unfreeze loose props in the current room.
roomprefs `roomprefs Regular Show information about the current room.

Rooms (For operators to maintain public rooms)

Command Usage Level Description
delete `delete [<roomnum>] Operator Delete a room.
duplicate `duplicate [<roomnum>] Operator Duplicate a room.
roommaxocc `roommaxocc [<n> or default] Operator Control the maximum occupancy limit for the current room.

Member Rooms (For members to maintain member-created rooms)

Command Usage Level Description
newroom `newroom [<name>] Regular Creates a new room (one allowed per user).
rclose `rclose Regular Close this (member-created) room to further visitors.
rdelete `rdelete Regular Delete this (member-created) room.
rguest `rguest [on/off] Regular Control whether guests are allowed in this (member-created) room.
rhide `rhide [on/off] Regular Control hiding the current (member-created) room from users.
rkick `rkick <user> Regular Kick a user out of the current (member-created) room.
rname `rname <title> Regular Rename the current (member-created) room to <title>.
ropen `ropen Regular Open the current (member-created) room to visitors.
rowner `rowner <user> Regular Transfer ownership of the current (member-created) room to <user>.
rpainting `rpainting [on/off] Regular Control painting in the current (member-created) room.
rpassword `rpassword [<password>] Regular Control password protection for the current (member-created) room.
rpicture `rpicture [<filename>] Regular Control this (member-created) room's background image.
rscripts `rscripts [on/off] Regular Control use of scripts in the current (member-created) room.
rtake `rtake Regular Take ownership of the current (member created) room after the owner has been disconnected.
runhide `runhide Regular Cease hiding the current (member-created) room from users.
runkick `runkick <user> Regular Cancel the kicking out of <user> from this (member-created) room.
rlimit `rlimit [on/off] Regular Use alternate activity limits in the (member created) room.
rlockdown `rlockdown Regular Set rscripts off, rpaint off, rnolooseprops on, and rlimit on in the current (member created) room.
rnodupavatars `rnodupavatars [on/off] Regular Limit duplicate avatars in the current (member created) room.
rnolooseprops `rnolooseprops [on/off] Regular Control whether loose props are permitted in the current (member created) room.
roperatorsonly `roperatorsonly [on/off] Regular Control whether members are permitted in the current (member created) room
rpropfreeze `rpropfreeze [on/off] Regular Control whether loose props are frozed in the current (member created) room.

Administration (For server operations and administration)

Command Usage Level Description
plugall `plugall reload Operator Reload the plugall control file from disk.
operatorcount `operatorcount or `opcount Operator Show the number of operators currently logged on.
purgeprops `purgeprops [<age>] Operator Purge old props from the prop file.
sortprops `sortprops Operator Sort the props in the props file for quicker access.

Misc. (Miscellaneous commands provided by server plugins)

Command Usage Level Description
chat `chat <message> Regular Generate chat for a user. (not necessarily used a lot)
accept `accept Regular Accept an offer of a copy of another user's avatar.
offer `offer Regular Offer a copy of your avatar to another user. (You must be whispering a user for this command.)
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