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On Enter Agreement Rules

Solution Change the SP in front of Home Rules to your palace name and change the name on #5. You can edit the other test as desired.



{"I am not old enough for this place" SAY "palace://" GOTOURL}
SP Home Rules

1. Respect others, ask to whisper.
2. No drama. If you start trouble, you will be banned on the spot.
3. All slaves and subs are protected while in H. Respect them, as you would Your own.
4. Owned subs and slaves follow your Owners rules, and list any restrictions.
5. SP is no kill zone, no force collar zone.
6. Be respectful, come in relax, and have fun.
7. If anyone is at the gate, please say hello first, before av shopping!
8. By clicking the OK button you agree you have read the rules and agree to them.

Yes I have read the rules, and I am 18+ years of age or older." CONFIRMBOX IFELSE
{"I am 18+ years of age" SAY}PALACECHAT IFELSE

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