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Warp animate av instructions Psp9

Solution NOTE:These instructions are in psp9, tools in other versions may be in slightly different places.

NOTE: If you wish your name to be on each av you make
On the top of the palace program under edit is the OPTIONS.
Open that options box and select PROPS then where it shows DEFAULT PROP NAME type in your name as you want it to appear on each av.
Type in normal type only NO special charters. The palace program may not "see" them as the letter you want and therefore it can cause problems in the av being seen at all.
Select CLOSE to save.
From then on each av you make will have your name on them automaticlly.

Bring into psp the av you want to animate. Make a copy of your original av and work from that. Close out the original.

Second tool down on left side, click arrow and select mesh warp tool
Use the little arrow on the tool for that menu there if you don't see the one called mesh warp. That will give you lines intersecting horizontal and vertical over your av.

You will see little lines going up and down and across and cross points where they intersect. You can increase or decrease the number of horizontal and vertical lines to what you need by changing the numbers at the top of the program, it changes the size and numbers of the mesh.
(If your tool options bar across the top is not there for the warp tool look under view then palette and then tool options, check all there . )

Change the size or number of the squares for those little cross hair boxes to hit in the right spot you want to move. Those can be adjusted to hit at the right spot of different sections of the av your moving. On your bar across the top you should have a bar, Tool Options - Mesh Warp Tool. To see that point to the name and it will drop down. Increase or decrease both horizontal and vertical lines till they intersect where they are needed.

Increase size of your complete av with your mouse wheel or on the program go to view and zoom in to however much you need to see good.
Do not change the size just zoom in to see better.

Next make a copy of your orig and paste as new image so you will have it for the next movement, if needed.

Where those horizontal and vertical lines cross on your pic there is like a little square, that is what you drag to move that area.

When adjusting it to move that part of the av, pull the little squares off to the side just a TINY bit or up or down depending on what you want it to do..... only move it a TINY bit or it will warp all out of proportion.
Remember that if you warp one side of the hips to swing you have to do the other also. Keep in your mind how your body moves. What this does is warp it and that makes it move.

Each time you do the moves to your satisfaction for that frame make a copy of it and change the next one a bit more.

Do not distort a arm or leg so it stretches out or makes it skinny or fat, it wont look right.
If you want the hips to swing adjust those to.
You can do moves with 2 - 6 frames, the normal is 4.
(Then numbering them and loading them into your suitcase keep them in the order you made them.)

You can also make the av appear to move by bringing the frame into palace with edit and in the editbox on the left side you will see your av. Place the pointer over the center of it and gently "drag" it a tiny bit. BE VERY CAREFUL TO DRAG IT STRAIGHT AND DO NOT MOVE IT UP OR DOWN.
This will make the av appear to "walk" as well as move.
Don't forget to save.

When you have each frame how you want them start at the first frame and save as and name them in order.
I number mine for example like: zi1 zi2 zi3 zi4

You will be saving each as separate avatar. Make sure you are saving as a png not psp image.
You will end up with like 4 avs or more depending on how many you made.

When saving as is it will go to where ever you set your destination to. That's where you go to bring it into pally

When all frames are in your suitcase open each one in edit and on the right hand side beneath the av you will see 2 boxes marked
animated and bounce. Check both of those then save to close.
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