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Basic Sqirlz Water Animation - SpH Staff

Solution 1. Find the picture of room with water that you want to animate.

2. Bring the picture into psp and make a copy of the picture then x off the original. Size it to whatever size you make your rooms.
Make another copy of the picture. Name the copy save it to your pc to load into your room.

3. On the copy pic, crop the water area of picture, name & save with a new name as a jpg.

4. Open up your sqirlz program. Drag the picture that you had cropped and saved into the sqirlz.

5. At the top of will see outline.

6. Left click this and hit begin...then move your mouse down over the image and you will see a
t or cross type symbol.

7. Left click your mouse on the edge & drag till you see dotted lines. Left click to move your mouse in a different direction.
Go all the way around the edges of the water until the water is surrounded.

8.Left click Reflect Options at the top and click customize basic ripples.

9. Most of the setting are preset, we will change only the transparency on the left hand side.. slide the arrow over to 100 and hit red x on the window.

10. On top, left click ANIMATE and then HIT RUN... a window opens up and be sure BASIC RIPPLES only is checked and hit ok.

11. Left click gif on left top of your sqirlz program.. the window will pop up saying basic ripples
only..hit ok .

12. Then a new window will appear with save as at the top. Go to bottom of window and name the
pic and hit save. Remember no spaces in name and shorter names are better.

13. The next window that pops up says Frame rate..and this is usually preset on 15. If it isn't
erase numbers in box and put 15 and hit ok.

14. You should then see a window pop up that says saving animation. When it is done you will get
a message that says information...all this does is confirm you have saved it. Hit ok.

15. Load the gif you just made onto the server.

16. Go to the room where the animation is going to be.. go to operator left click and hit make new door.

17. Left click the new door and then left click pictures.. Highlight none and delete.

18. At bottom of window hit add ...then click add a picture. Find the gif on your computer and
hit open. Now hit ok..a new window appears hit ok. Go to the top and get out of author.
Note: it may take a few minutes for the gif to load the first time and you may need to sr.
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