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Can't Type in Palace

Solution Symptoms:

Can enter the palace, can sit in palace but cannot type. As soon as you do, you are ejected from the palace and PChat closes.

Possible Solution:

If you are a Comcast and/or Nortons subscriber you may have an app. called Constant Guard. If so it has been known to conflict with some programs such as Palace/PChat and I have heard Pogo as well, the only solution so far is to delete the Constant Guard from your PC ... if it is attached to your Nortons you may have to delete that as well and then reinstall Norton omitting the Constant Guard Bot upon reinstalling.

If you are not a Comcast and/or Nortons subscriber, you should look to see if one of your antivirus or firewalls is blocking the Palace program.

If these solutions do not help you contact your hostings support for further help.
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