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Props Wont Show After Reload or Reformat

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Props won't show after reload or reformat.
by selene

In my own experience i've had this happen twice where after bringing saved bundle back
in, the number of props per bag showed but not the pictures themselves.

Here's what i did about it.

1)Load the saved prop bag bundle,

2)Copy the entire prop bundle bring into your palace folder and drop it. close folder and open palace. and open your prop bag.

3)Add a new bag, name it new1, you can rename it later.

4)Go back to the old bag click the first square and wear the av

5)After the av loads and you can see it on screen. click on the new bag

6)Under file hit "save avatar to bag" the av will show up in the new bag. (repeat this process for all squares in the old bag)

NOTE: Sometimes i also found some squares to say bad prop or if you get kicked out of the bag or palace repeatedly, then that bag is corrupted and must be deleted.

Bypass the bad prop squares and carry on with this practice if possible.

This is to be done for each bag, to add a new bag and load each prop from old to new. after all props have been loaded to new bags. one by one delete the old bags.

The fact that some will be lost, i have not come up with a solution yet but have found this to be the best way to go about getting some if not all avs back after such an ordeal.

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