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Pin Youself

Solution This a simple script that can be long on fun! It can be used around guests
that have very little sense of self-restraint. Just pin yourself to show
them what is gonna happen if they don't chill. The possibilities are
endless! When pinme is typed in several things occur, what ever props
one is
wearing are removed, the dreaded tennis ball appears (wrapped in chains) and
is banished into the bottom right corner. you are free to move or reprop any
time you wish. It is a lot of fun to do this with the help of a make-believe
wizard on your side..note the reactions of the guests! Hehehhe!

; script to selfpin !
; by Dennis Couch
; USEAGE- pinme
; EXAMPLE; pinme


480 350 SETPOS
}CHATSTR "pinme" == IF

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