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Solution ;USERLIST
{ "To open the User List Window, Press Ctrl+F, or select Find User under Options" SAY "" CHATSTR =
} lowchat "userlist" == IF

{ "To open the Room List window, Press Ctrl+G, or select Goto Room under Options" SAY "" CHATSTR =
} lowchat "roomlist" == IF

{ "To view Door locations, Press Ctrl+Shift, or select the Toolbox under Options and click on the toolbox door icon" SAY "" CHATSTR =
} lowchat "doors" == IF

{ "To open the Sound List Window, Press Ctrl+Y, or select Play A Sound under Options" SAY "" CHATSTR =
} lowchat "soundlist" == IF

{ "To open the Log Window, Press Ctrl+L, or select Log Window under Options (You can move and resize the log window as desired)" SAY "" CHATSTR =
} lowchat "log" == IF

{ "To save your av, hit Avatars in the toolbar then hit Member Avatars then save it in one of the free spaces like F1 F2 F3 etc..."SAY ""CHATSTR =
} lowchat "saveprop" == IF

{ "To move slowly in the room, PRESS Tab then use the arrowson the keyboard, the text bar must be black to be able to move this way" SAY "" CHATSTR =
} lowchat "moveprop" == IF

{ "Once ya get a reg code clk file top left of the room then select enter registration code...enter it exactly as it is givin to ya caps and hyphens included" SAY "" CHATSTR =
} lowchat "reg1" == IF
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