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Authentication Plugin 1.0.0 README

Authentication is a palace server plugin that replaces which
allows the owner to make login and passwords for people to access the server with.

It was developed by Martyn Gilbertson

Questions about this plugin? Write to the plugin devolper at

Copyright (c) 2005-2006 Martyn Gilbertson. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.


The following installation instructions assume that the Palace server
has been installed in /usr/local/palace.

Authentication is a standard Palace server plugin. It is installed by
placing the plugin, in the Palace binary folder,
/usr/local/palace/bin, and adding the following line to the plugin
configuration file: /usr/local/palace/psdata/plugin.conf

bin/ auth on log on page on


auth [on|off] - enables/disabled authenticator, will only be enabled if there are users in the list
path [path] - path to the authentic data file for storing user and passwords
log [on|off] - turn loggin on/off for the authentic.dat, shows logon/reject users in the log
page [on|off] - turn off pageing for the authenticator, shows users logon/reject in the log

default auth is off
default path is psdata/authentic.dat
default log is off
default page is off


Authenticator listens on your pserver's first frontend port + 1000, so if your bind port is 9998
then the `Auth server` will be 10998

God Commands

`auth on|off - turn on authenticator
`auth add [username] [password] - add an auth user and pass
`auth list - list users and status of authenticator
`auth remove [username] - remove authenticated username
`auth retrys [#attempts] - number of auth attempts before kicked (default is 3)

Release Info


[+]Added Feature

[*]Improved/changed feature

[-]Bug fixed

updates in v1.0.0. 9th August 2006

[+] First release

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